a rockin surprise...

i have not worn jeans that didn't have stretch in them for over a year.

today...i DID.

i have this basket in my closet full of expensive jeans in sizes 22 to 28 from throughout the years. i refuse to throw them away. they are my motivation.

when i had to buy my first and only pair of size 30 jeans, i was so disgusted with myself. i hated the fact that i had to buy them online because i couldn't fit into the store sizes. i let myself binge constantly because i didn't know any other way to make myself feel better. now, i've fluctuated between a 30 and a 28 for the past year or so, but only if the 28 had some stretch in it.

right before summer started, my last pair of jeans that werent capris tore badly and weren't fixable. i made a vow then that i would not buy a new pair of jeans, but rather work hard and lose weight to fit into my old jeans.

and i've done it.

the first step at any rate.

it was bitchin cold today and i was sick and tired of sweatpants and pjs so i decided to give it a go and try and put on the jeans that have been sitting in my dresser drawer for 3 months. i was massively prepped for disappointment. so imagine my surprise when they slipped on and buttoned easily!!!

i'm so excited!!!! i can't wait to work on getting into the next pair (which is the same size, but with a smaller fit)

i also did some more closet/dresser/shoe purging and switched my summer and fall wardrobes around in the closet. i pulled a bunch of sweaters and knit stuff that i haven't worn in years and also finally have my polo collection down to 1. i just don't dig the style much anymore. i thinned down my camis as well. no one needs 20 camis. surrriusly
one of my clothes issues is that i LOVE buying underwear. all styles. all the time. over the past few months i've been slowly getting rid of the old ones, the worn out ones and the ones i don't wear at all. lol as it is they still fill 2 drawers in my lingerie dresser.

at the end of my purge session i had a 3 foot high mountain of old khakis, sweaters and hoodies, a rainbow of tank tops and ratty old tees. also a neat little hill of prom shoes and mis-matched flip flops.

phew! one more thing i can cross off my to-do list.

what a fucking awesome way to kick off the week.


  1. That is freaking awesome! The whole clothes thing is what really drives the "you are DOING this" point home for me, definitely a great way to start your week. NICE!

  2. Won't it be great when you go to your closet and everything fits? What's more ... it's there because you like it, not just because it fits? Congratulations on getting into your old jeans!

  3. Excellent motivation! Congrats on the non-stretchy jeans. You'll never see those 30's again!

  4. -thuseybelle: i frickin know right!? the number on the scale is just a number, but like...smaller clothes? that definitely feels tangible. and godawesome.

    -splurge: i've been a clothes-whore since high school, so i never have anything in my closet that "just fits", but yeah...my favorite part is thinking of all the NEW outfits i'm going to ruin my credit buying when i hit each of my goals lol

    rachel- nothing makes a girl feel fatter than a pair of good-ole stretched-out-ass jeans. if i ever have to see that size, i give advance permission to have all of you publicly shame me lol

  5. by the way...the "smaller" size 28's are the ones i'm wearing in my "beginning of the road" pic on my sidebar.

    when i took that pic it was all i could do to squeeze all big-bertha-like into em. looks like someone tried to make two little sausage links outta me lol

  6. Awesome! Congrats on the smaller clothes and the cleaned out closet. Getting rid of old stuff is so liberating.

    I also gave you an award over on my blog if you want to take a look.

  7. Congrats to you! That is such an accomplishment!